Below is a list of locations that I’ve contributed recipes, articles and other features to, starting with the most recent. I love interacting with like-minded people on exciting projects – if you’d like to collaborate on something that is important to you then please get in touch!

Rebel Kitchen – Guest blogger – May 2016

In May I was asked to act as the guest blogger for the team at Rebel Kitchen, who make the most delicious dairy-free chocolate milk I’ve ever tasted, as well as a variety of other vegan drinks. The four recipes I created (think milkshakes, mug cakes and oatmeal) can now be found on their website – just click the link above!

Aduna – Triber interview and recipe feature – May 2016

After reviewing Aduna’s delicious cacao powder blend, this month I was interviewed by Aduna for their website about who inspires me and how my love of food began. The questions were really fun to answer – you can read the full interview here. Also check out my recipe for chocolate banana ice cream featured on their blog at this link. You can never have too much chocolate, especially when it’s this good for you!

Nana Nice Cream – Caramel Nice Cream Recipe – April 2016

The banana ice cream fan club is growing by the hour, with more and more people discovering that dairy-free can still equal delicious. Nana Nice Cream is a company that sells this healthy snack, and they also want to create an online community of nice cream lovers to share recipes and love. My Caramel Banana Ice Cream recipe was featured on their blog, which you can now check out at the link above.

The Huffington Post – The Impact of Eating Animals: For You, Others and the Planet – March 2016

The Huffington Post is a major online newspaper with an incredibly active and diverse section of lifestyle articles, so I was immensely excited to have the opportunity to contribute an article that I feel so passionate about. I’d already shared this article on another website, Your Zen Life, but feel that the subject matter – the impact of our food choices on the planet – is so important that it needs sharing on as many platforms as possible. Click the link above to read and share the article to help it reach an even wider audience who can make a bigger difference!

Your Zen Life – Guest article: What being vegan for a year can do for you, others and the planetFebruary 2016

Your Zen Life is a platform created to inspire positivity, health and happiness in its readers. As a long-time fan of the site, it is a privilege to have contributed my own article about a subject that I am incredibly passionate about: the impact of veganism on the planet and others. Click the link above to read it and leave your own comments too!

Waitrose – #WellnessWednesday recipe features and takeover – January 2016

I was asked to takeover Waitrose’s Instagram account for their #WellnessWednesday series, providing three healthy recipes to publish on their main website for readers to recreate at home. You can find the recipes on their site by clicking on the following links for my Banana Cinnamon Porridge, Bean and Butternut Chilli, and Chocolate Banana Ice Cream.

Luk Beautifood – Exclusive smoothie bowl recipe – July 2015

After trying a natural fruit-based lipstick stocked by Luk Beautifood, I teamed up again with this wonderful company to bring you an exclusive smoothie bowl recipe on their blog. This recipe is my go-to breakfast when I don’t have any fancy ingredients in, yet it remains one of my favourites! I hope you enjoy it.

Honestly Healthy – Want to launch a successful food blog? – May 2015

I was extremely flattered to be interviewed for an article on the Honestly Healthy website about starting up a food blog. Myself and some other wonderful foodies give our advice and ideas on where to get inspiration and how to take good photos – click on the link above if you’re looking for some tips.

Thrive Magazine – Recipe feature: Coconut Berry Crumbles – February 2015

Thrive magazine is a quarterly publication that focuses on living a healthy lifestyle. They feature informative articles, advice and healthy recipes to inspire you throughout every season, and are a fantastic addition to your coffee table. I’m delighted to feature in this Winter issue!

Collective Unity – #whaticanchange – October 2014

After my friend Carina set up a series on her blog focusing on what we can do to change our world, I was extremely flattered to be asked for an interview. I normally talk on here mostly about personal health, but I took this opportunity to speak about a cause that is of even greater importance to me – the health of our planet, To read about my views on environmental responsibility and what we can all do to make a difference please click on the link above: it would mean a lot to me.

Rachael’s Raw Food – Spiced Pecan Pie Raw Rolls – August 2014

Rachael is an extremely talented raw food chef and lifestyle coach, so I was extremely happy to be asked to come up with a raw recipe for her website: find the link to my Spiced Pecan Pie Raw Rolls feature here.

Buzzfeed – ‘What the Health Food Community on Instagram Wants You To Know’ – June 2014

Recently there have been a couple of articles written that portray the heath food community on Instagram in a more negative light than is often the truth. My Banana Bambinos and I felt that this wasn’t right, so we wrote the article above to explain our side of the story and show just how inspiring and supportive the foodies on Instagram can be!

Banana Bambinos – Blog

A group of twelve girls and I joined forces to create a joint Instagram account and blog, designed to share our love of healthy living with others and unite the community in an interactive group where everyone can get involved. Join the fun!

Verily Magazine – Cucumber Soba Noodle Salad – June 2014

After already posting once on Verily Mag’s gorgeous site I was so grateful to be asked to feature a second recipe with them! Click on the link above to find out how to make my super easy cucumber soba noodle salad – perfect for sunny days and picnic baskets everywhere.

Organic Burst – Banana Maca Muffins – June 2014

After quickly becoming a huge fan of Organic Burst’s maca powder, I cooked up these banana muffins using this yummy superfood which are now published on Organic Burst’s website. Find the link above.

Verily Magazine – Vegan Banana ‘Nice Cream’ – April 2014

Krizia (@kliquido) is the lifestyle editor for the fantastic online magazine Verily, and was lovely enough to ask me to contribute a recipe for the summer season. What’s more, the amazingly talented Tana Gandhi (@tanagandhi) shot some beautiful photos for the article – you can find my recipe and her wonderful shots at the link above.

The Culture Child – April 2014

I was asked by the lovely Tash to contribute to her April blog series on superfoods. I chose to focus on the power of chia – find the post and a couple of recipes I included on Tash’s blog at the link above.

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