On My Worktop

Here are a few of the appliances I use in my kitchen – some I use less frequently, but others are daily essentials that I can’t do without.


This appliance is life-changing, I am not exaggerating. The Nutribullet is essentially a compact, high-powered blender that not only has an ‘extraction’ blade to make smoothies, soups or bliss balls, but also comes with a ‘milling’ blade that is powerful enough to blitz nuts into butters or make seeds/oats/grains into flour. I never worry about it breaking, plus it is small enough to fit in a suitcase! It’s so easy to clean and is just two parts, the cup and the powered base. I love it!

Phillips Juicer

I use the Phillips Viva Collection juicer – whilst it is only small (1.5 litre capacity), it is perfect for my needs – I only use it a maximum of once a day and only ever for myself rather than large batches. It is a centrifugal juicer and can’t cope with soft ingredients such as avocados or bananas, but is perfect for juicing foods like carrot, apples and beetroot. Although the chute is small and requires you to chop ingredients before adding them, its compact size makes it the perfect counter-top appliance and it is really easy to take apart and clean. The perfect introductory juicer.


Spiralisers are becoming a staple in lots of kitchens at the moment, and they really are worth investing in if you’re looking to add more vegetables into your diet. I use mine to make ‘noodles’ of courgettes (zoodles/courgetti), carrots, cucumber, beetroot and more. You could even use them with hard fruits to add something different to a fruit salad – try apple and pear to serve with berry coulis. You can buy spiralisers at a variety of prices – I’d suggest starting with one that’s on the cheaper end and then upgrading if you find that you’re using it a lot and it would be worth investing more in.

Yonanas fruit ice cream machine

As anyone who follows me on Instagram will know, I’m slightly obsessed with banana ice cream. I was recently given a Yonanas machine as a gift, which makes ice cream and sorbets out of any frozen fruit, so naturally I absolutely love it! Whilst you can make ‘nice cream’ in a normal food processor, I found that Yonanas creates nice cream with a much firmer texture than my usual blender as no extra liquid is necessary, which I really like. I use mine almost daily now!

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