Hi, I’m Lauren Dawson, creator of the Instagram account @NaturalNomad.

As a graduate biologist, my primary interests lie in wildlife conservation and animal behaviour. I am passionate about sharing stories of our incredible planet, and am eager to spread awareness of what we can do to preserve it.

It is this concern for our planet that led to me adopting a vegan lifestyle in October 2014. I’d already been blogging about food since 2013 in an attempt to heal years of digestive issues and a pretty poor relationship with food, and the online wellness community had been (and still is!) a motivating place to start that journey. My eyes were opened to the fact that food was not just an enemy trying to add weight to my hips, but is rather the most powerful tool that we can use to create a stronger, more vibrant body.

The more I read, the more I also became aware of the impact of livestock agriculture and meat production on the state of our planet. It no longer made sense to call myself an environmentalist when one of the most frequent decisions I made – what to eat at meal times – involved products that are one of the single largest contributors to global warming. Aligning my environmental and ethical beliefs with my diet was an obvious choice that has aided not only my health, but also my overall wellbeing and outlook on life.

For a long time this site’s goal was to reflect my love of healthy, vegan food, proving that this lifestyle is not only beneficial for the planet, but is also extremely enjoyable and about abundance rather than restriction. However, I now want my blog to encompass more than just the edible aspects of my life. Biology, photography and travel are all extremely important to me, so this is evolving into a place for me to also share photos and articles on the planet, the impacts of veganism, travelling, advice and my other interests. Most importantly, it’s a place to celebrate life and connect with a community of like-minded people who have offered me so much support and inspiration.

Happy exploring!

Why am I vegan?


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