A Vegan Guide to Glastonbury

Are you heading off to Glastonbury this week? If so, a) I’m very jealous, and b) Read my guide I’ve reblogged below to find out about the best vegan eats (and some unrelated fun activities) to try while you’re there.

Being a vegan at Glastonbury is surprisingly easy, and there are so many great options that don’t just involve veggie burgers – this sushi “burritos”, fresh lentil daal, and lots more.

My experience at Glasto last summer was incredible and I know you’ll have an unforgettable time – I really hope this guide helps to make it even more enjoyable! Stay safe and have fun 🙂

Natural Nomad


So last week I ventured off to my first ever festival, Glastonbury, and now I have no idea why I’d
left it so long to go to one. Glastonbury is probably the biggest festival in the UK, but I don’t think I appreciated just how big it was until I arrived – the site is like a small city that pops up for a few days a year, and it has so much more than just music! I thought it might be helpful for anyone thinking of booking a ticket for next year if I wrote a short post about the vegan options on offer: there were a lot and they were incredible.
Whilst festivals are usually known for their burger vans, I can tell you that Glastonbury has so many other options available for everyone including veggies, vegans, health-conscious eaters and coeliacs. The range of cuisines really was…

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