Review: Lani hair and body oils

If you’ve scrolled through your Instagram feed even just once over the past few months, it would be hard for you to have missed Lani, the little glass bottles of natural oils that are taking the online health and beauty world by storm. I’d heard so many good things about them and had been debating which of their products to buy for weeks when Lani’s incredibly lovely team were kind enough to send me the range to try out and share with you all. Here’s what I thought, including my most and least favourite ones of the collection.


First, who are Lani? Despite the colourful bottles and tropical ingredients, Lani are actually a UK (not Hawaiian!) -based start-up brand who are committed to proving beauty products using only naturally-occurring oils and no synthetic ingredients. This makes them suitable for vegans as well as those of us with sensitive skin that doesn’t like harsh chemicals. The company started when their founder made a blend of oils at home to solve her own beauty woes – when more and more friends and family started to demand her creations too, Lani was born. With products for your hair, body and face, they now ship worldwide thanks to an ever-growing band of loyal customers. I can see why!

I tried their Hair and Body Treatments, Face Serum and Cacao Face Mask. Read on for more information about each of them and which one I’ll definitely be re-ordering.


Hair Treatment

Out of the four products I tried, the hair treatment has the nicest smell. It leaves your tresses coconut-scented thanks to the coconut oil, as well as looking super nourished and soft. My hair is quite fine and prone to looking a little bit fluffy, but a tiny bit of this treatment rubbed through the ends gave it a much glossier appearance after just one try. With just four tropical oils as its ingredients (coconut, macadamia, camellia seed and kukui nut), it truly is as nature intended. Another great thing about this is that a little bit goes a long way – after washing your hair you only need a few drops to tame flyaway, so this bottle will last for quite some time.


Body Treatment

This treatment has a different but no less lovely smell to the hair oil, with tropical notes leaving you feeling like you’ve been on a trip to Honolulu in the time it takes to have a shower. You simply massage a small amount into your skin to moisturise it, leaving it feeling hydrated and soft – again, the only ingredients are six tropical oils, and a little will go a long way. Unlike the hair treatments this product contains ylang ylang oil, which makes it smell so good that you’ll save money on perfume if you use it before an occasion.


Cacao Face Mask

The newest addition to Lani’s collection, this face mask comes in a powder form and simply requires a few drops of water adding to transform it into a lightweight mousse that can be layered over the skin. The instructions are very easy to follow, and it feels really nice while it’s on your skin as well as once you’ve washed it off. I loved the subtle chocolate smell mixed in with the scent of the natural clays, and I won’t deny that the results were great. However, there is turmeric in it, which does leave you with a slight yellow tinge if you don’t rinse it off thoroughly (and for that reason I also wouldn’t advise using white towels to dry off with!) I’d probably prefer it without the turmeric just to avoid this problem, but it’s still a good buy as long as you’re prepared to scrub your face and sink thoroughly afterwards.


Face Serum

Finally, my favourite of the four products I tried. The face serum is more concentrated than the hair and body oils so comes in a smaller bottle with a dropper applicator, which makes it really easy to control how much you want to use. I only need around four drops for my whole face, but even this small amount immediately makes my skin feel a lot less tight and itchy (I’m prone to dryness and sensitivity in our temperamental British weather!)

With a host of beneficial oils packed into it, including passion fruit oil to boost anti-aging and jojoba oil to balance your complexion, it’s certainly a powerful little bottle. I loved the addition of fragrance from the jasmine flower too, which is known to be calming and is oh-so-delicate. I always pack this product first when I travel, and I’ll be ordering more of it, that’s for certain!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Overall, if I could only pick one of Lani’s wonder products to keep, it would have to be the face serum simply because it works so instantly and tackles the driest of skin. However, all four of these will be staying as permanent residents in my bathroom cabinet. There’s also a new Tropical Fruit Radiance Mask that I’m yet to try, so I’ll be interested to see what that one is like too.

The fact that these are all are vegan and use minimal ingredients is fantastic, and I really like Lani’s use of coloured glass bottles – unlike a lot of beauty product packaging they can be recycled, and they are cute enough to re-use yourself as miniature vases. It is so important to recognise and appreciate companies like Lani that value the environment as well as caring for your skin, and I’ll definitely be supporting them for a long time to come.

You can find out more about Lani or buy their products on their website below, or check out their Instagram for some tropical inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Review: Lani hair and body oils

  1. Natural Nomad says:

    Thank you – I’d heard so many good things about them too, and they really lived up to what I’d hoped for. I’d definitely start with the facial serum if you can’t buy all of them at once, as that’s my favourite one and worked a treat 🙂 Enjoy!


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