Lauren’s Lists – April

Another month, another handful of new discoveries to share with you all. It’s hard to believe that we’re now a third of the way through the year! Here’s what has made my fourth month a good one – what has April brought for you all?

Yoga and mental health

Like every month, April has brought with it various ups and downs, but this time I’ve dealt with them differently by starting up my yoga practice again. In the past my mental health has fallen into very dark places, and for several reasons April has seen me once again discussing this issue in relation to others as well as myself. Yoga is one of the very few things that I find helps me during low times or stressful situations – I know that every list of mental health tips automatically includes yoga, but I really have found this helpful. If nothing else, yoga forces me to be in the moment for at least half an hour, taking me out of my whirling head and allowing me just to be quiet and stretch out the tension.

My absolute favourite yoga videos are those of ‘Yoga With Adriene’ on YouTube – she’s really calming but also funny and genuine: the perfect combination for a soul in need of soothing.

Coffee scrubs

If you’re from the rainy UK like me, you’ll no doubt be anticipating the fast approaching summer sunshine. After a long, freezing winter of cocooning my limbs in giant jumpers, I’ve been prepping them to see the light of day again by using lots of gentle coffee scrubs. Having bought and loved commercial brands of this product in the past, I’ve now started making my own by picking up leftover coffee grounds from local cafes, mixing them with a little melted coconut oil, and scrubbing away. I have no idea why, but nothing else has ever made my sensitive skin so soft after one use – I don’t even need to moisturise afterwards!


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Although it’s taken a turn for the worse this week, the weather in April on the whole has been pretty warm and sunny (by British standards anyway). Me and my mum have made the most of this a few times by eating outdoors – there’s nothing more summery than packing a little picnic and eating your lunch beneath a blue sky. Good food, company and the magic of nature are all great ways to lift your mood. Where is your favourite picnic spot?

Clicking for Causes

This month saw me getting involved in a campaign by Ch8se to plant more trees simply by accumulating likes on a photo. It was a fantastic way for us all to make a difference with minimal effort, and it opened up a great discussion with lots of you guys about similar ways to use our time online for good. A fellow blogger, Paw The Love Of The Earth, let me know about some really great sites where we can do just that: and can turn your clicks into actions for various worthwhile causes. is an even better option for kids, allowing you to play educational games and win food for hungry communities with every correct answer.

When giving is this easy, what’s stopping us?

A Touch of Magic

And finally, a super short video that really warmed my heart. Here’s to an equally magical May!

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