Your click could help plant a tree!

Do you like trees? By clicking here to like the photo of a forest on my Instagram, you could help reforest areas around the world!

To do this I’ve partnered with Ch8se, the first eco-humanitarian clothing line to donate all of their advertising budget to good causes like clean water and fighting hunger. They launched their reforestation campaign – #Like2Plant – on the International Day of Forests last week and have already managed to plant 650 trees thanks to Instagram likes alone, so have relaunched the project from now until the 15th April.

After this period is up I’ll get a tracking code to see what impact we had – click here and like my photo, and tag your friends to multiply your impact! 100 likes = 1 tree, so let’s see how many trees we can plant this week!



About the Project

To ensure their advertising budget is spent effectively and has a lasting impact, Ch8se’s reforestation project is carried out in partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project, one of the biggest reforestation organisations working in locations such as Madagascar, Nepal and Haiti. These projects are all socially inclusive, in that they pay local villagers to plant the trees and therefore provide them with an income to support their families. By involving locals, not only does the community benefit, but the forest will also flourish and provide a home for vulnerable wildlife species. To see how reforestation transforms lives, check out the videos below:

Much thought also goes into the types of tree planted in each location. Depending on the needs of the community, food trees such as Mango and Papaya may be grown, or native varieties such as Teak, Acacia and Mangroves. You can check out maps of the locations of the main reforestation areas below:




Ch8se Infographic


As well as liking my photo, another great way to support this work is to buy eco-friendly clothing from Ch8se, as one t-shirt could feed a child for 20 days and a sweater could plant 102 trees! To find out more, visit Ch8se’s Instagram here and check out the link in their bio. You can also support them on Indiegogo or their site at the links at the bottom of this post.

It’s fantastic to see a company choosing to go against the norm and support worthy causes rather than generic advertising campaigns. Ch8se truly believe that their consumers want to use their spending power to make a difference, and they rely purely on word-of-mouth to spread the message about their revolutionary approach to business. By buying their products and using social media to “advertise” for them, we can all make a measurable difference to the environment and people’s lives. And when all we have to do is double-tap a photo or order a sweater, why wouldn’t we make that choice?

Ch8se tshirt


Support Ch8se on Indiegogo:

…Or visit their website:

7 thoughts on “Your click could help plant a tree!

  1. pawtheloveofearth says:

    Yes completely! They actively pitch it at schools, and allow creation of groups and teacher accounts. It’s really rather cool.
    Sounds great – the more shares the better as far as we are concerned 🙂


  2. Natural Nomad says:

    Wow, sounds interesting! I bet it would be a great one to tell kids and teens about in schools, so their educational gaming can help them learn as well as helping to raise their awareness of global hunger.
    You’re definitely right about that – if we all spread the word about good causes like these it could easily reach many more people and have an even bigger impact. I’ll make a note of the links you’ve shared and may mention them in one of my monthly “Lauren’s Lists” posts (crediting you as the source, of course) – would that be ok with you? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. pawtheloveofearth says:

    It takes a bit longer because it’s game based, but we also like when we have the time. You complete education based games -multichoice word definitions, or maths, for example- and each correct answer donates rice to people in need.

    You’re very welcome for the comment and the links – we believe the more people like us share the positive things, the more we can all make a difference 🙂


  4. Natural Nomad says:

    Thank you – and thank you so much for sharing the link to those other sites! That’s fantastic that we can all have such a great impact just by clicking, it really does restore so much of my faith in companies and websites now that more and more of them are using their influence to make a significant difference. I’ll definitely look at those links and start clicking too!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. pawtheloveofearth says:

    Great post – love easy ways like this that we can all use to make a difference.
    Not a plug we profit from in any way (no partnership etc) but you and your reader might also like and Both sites raise awareness for charitable causes, and just 1 click per cause generates real-world resources for those causes, which is funded by sponsors. There are no compulsory advertisements to watch, and no purchases to make. Just 1 click to do some good.

    Bonus round: on care2 if you create an account your daily deeds earn points that are redeemable for things like planting trees, feeding rescue pets, or housing the victims of humanitarian crisis.

    Thanks again for your wonderful post!

    Liked by 1 person

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