Lauren’s Lists – March

March is almost over (how did that happen, seriously?) so it’s time for the second of my monthly ‘Lauren’s Lists’. Here’s what I’ve been loving this month…


I’ve always wanted to enjoy running, but never got very far with it thanks to a lack of motivation in the grim British winters. However, this month my mum and I downloaded the free ‘Couch to 5k’ app from the NHS and have already completed four out of the nine weeks, and we’re loving it! The app is a series of podcasts – one for each of the three runs per week – which guide you through the exercise and gradually build you up from sessions that alternate walking and jogging to a full-blown 5k. It’s motivating, comfortable and manageable – I’ll update you on our progress next month!

Download the free app here.

‘Reasons To Stay Alive’, by Matt Haig



I read this book in a single day: it was an absolute page-turner. Matt Haig suffers from depression and anxiety and wrote this book as a part-self help part-memoir to explain exactly how these mental illnesses feel and prove that it’s possible to overcome them, however low you get. It’s an absolute must-read for anyone who suffers from any kind of mental illness, or indeed for anyone who just wants to learn more about how these illnesses affect others.

Leo’s Oscar win and speech!

Source: / Photo credit: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Source: / Photo credit: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

If you’re a diehard DiCaprio fan like me, I’m sure you watched Leo fiiiiinally bag his long-overdue Oscar a few weeks back. What got me even more was the fact that he used his speech to spread awareness of climate change, an issue that clearly isn’t being addressed as well as it needs to be, and that still needs discussing on large platforms far more often. Leo acted as the executive producer of the life-changing documentary ‘Cowspiracy’ – this film discusses one of the biggest contributors to climate change, and I think a great way to honour Leo’s success would be to watch it and spread the word.

Watch ‘Cowspiracy’ here.


I’ll admit, I didn’t discover this powerful article this month, but I feel it’s worth sharing over and over to get its message across. Instilling confidence and self-worth in people, not just girls, begins at an early age, and too often our society recognises little girls only for their princess dresses and adorable pigtails. This article discusses the importance of encouraging youngsters to talk about their other abilities, such as their favourite books or personal qualities, not just about the gender-stereotype of pretty clothes and favourite shoes. A must-read for everyone.

Find the full article here.


I stumbled across this website after reading a couple of articles originating from it, and oh my word. For anyone who has a difficult relationship with food or their body, whether you’re a serial dieter or have/had a full-blown eating disorder, it’s a real bible of guides and articles to help you change your mindset around food and combat the twisted pro-diet propaganda taking over society. I’ve bookmarked it permanently, and I highly recommend that you all do too.

Visit the website here.

What have you discovered throughout March? Whether it’s a great book, a new hobby or a useful product, share them in the comments below to see what others are loving too!

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