Recipe: Mars Bars

Brace yourselves; this is probably my favourite recipe I’ve posted on here so far…



Mars Bars are one of the most popular sweet snacks, and for good reason – soft nougat, gooey caramel and a smooth chocolate coating all make for an explosion of sugary goodness in your mouth. I used to regularly grab one of these on my way home from school and they continue to conjure up memories of sleepover parties to this day, but I wanted to create a healthier version of this sugar bomb so that I could enjoy it more frequently and even reap some health benefits at the same time.

Inspired by recipes I’ve seen in my favourite healthy cookbooks and those from renowned foodies including Taline Gabriel, I’ve tweaked my own version of the recipe below several times to suit my own preferences and use ingredients that are found in my cupboards more often. These bars of bliss are completely vegan, gluten and refined sugar free, and taste mighty good too! Plus they’re super simple and fun to make, so they’re a great one to make with kids to get them interested in creating and eating healthy snacks… without you worrying about the sugar-induced mayhem that usually follows their chocolate fix.


Makes 8 bars

Time: Soak nuts for 4+ hours, then approx. 3 hours more including the freezing of layers in between




½ cup almonds

½ cup cashews

2 tbsp maple syrup

1 tsp maca powder (optional)



8 medjool dates (fresh and soft)

1 tbsp almond butter

2 tbsp maple syrup

1 tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp water

2 drops vanilla essence



½ cup coconut oil

1/3 cup cacao powder

4 tbsp maple syrup

2 drops vanilla essence


Decorations (optional):

Almonds/Cacao nibs


  1. Soak the cashews and almonds in water overnight, or for at least 4-5 hours.

2. Drain and dry the nuts with a towel.

3. Add the nuts to a food processor along with the maple syrup and maca powder, then process until it forms an even consistency with no large chunks.

4. Line a small loaf tin (I use a 7.5×3.5inch tin) with baking paper, then spread the base mixture onto the bottom of the tin and freeze while you make the caramel layer.

5. Pit the medjools, then place these along with the other caramel ingredients into your food processor and blend until a smooth caramel forms.

6. Spread this layer evenly on top of your base in the tin, then replace in the freezer for at least two hours.

7. After the two hours are up, make your chocolate by first melting the coconut oil if it isn’t already liquid (I leave mine by a heater/oven or zap it in the microwave for a minute). In a bowl, whisk this oil with the cacao, maple syrup and vanilla essence until your chocolate is smooth.

8. Remove your loaf tin from the freezer and cut the mars bars into regular rectangles. Dip the bars in the chocolate to cover them, then place on a wire rack while you coat the rest of the bars (you may want to spread a towel or more greaseproof paper underneath the rack to catch any drips). If desired, you can also add a sprinkle of cacao nibs or an almond to decorate each bar before setting.

9. Although the chocolate should set quickly due to the base already being cold, place the wire rack in the fridge for 15 minutes to set completely. Store in the fridge for two weeks – eat straight away when you remove them from the fridge (if left at room temperature for too long before eating they may become too soft if your house is warm). Alternatively, you can keep them in the freezer for several weeks and just remove them from the freezer 15 minutes before eating.


6 thoughts on “Recipe: Mars Bars

  1. Natural Nomad says:

    Thank you! Yes me too, some of the vegan cheesecakes and sweets I’ve tried have been even better than I remember the ‘real thing’ tasting, it’s amazing. It just goes to show that there really is no need to use animal products when you can still enjoy the same things without harming anyone 🙂 Let me know if you try making these, I’d love to hear how they turn out!


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