Coconut Oil – The multitasking miracle

I want to return today to look at a product I’ve not mentioned in detail for a while – the mighty coconut oil.

Over the past couple of months my skin has been having a pretty hard time. The cold winter air coupled with my on-off central heating really dried it out, it became itchy and sensitive, and breakouts were more of a permanent fixture rather than an occasional annoyance. Despite using all organic and minimal-ingredient skincare products my skin still wasn’t having any of it, so I decided to return to one of my failsafe products on the beauty shelf – coconut oil. For a few weeks this is the only thing that I’ve used on my face: it removes my makeup as well as cleansing and moisturising, and the difference is just wow.

Contrary to what you might assume, when massaged into your skin thoroughly coconut oil doesn’t feel greasy, and a little touch on your lips throughout the day also prevents them becoming too dry and flaky. My skin seems to have calmed down, my spots are slowly disappearing, and it just feels healthier. I therefore thought I’d reblog this old post about the benefits of coconut oil as an addition not only to your beauty regime but also to your diet and cooking routine. It really is an all-round miracle worker!

Natural Nomad

coconut oil

Coconut oil is here to stay: it is becoming increasingly popular in recipes, magazines, and beauty cabinets alike, and it seems that if you want to keep up with the health movement then you can’t be doing without it. Whilst we might all be aware of it and a lot of us even be using it on a regular basis, I just wanted to write a quick post to give you more information on what makes coconut oil so good for us. Aside from its amazing smell, of course!


Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of coconuts and is one of the best all-round oils for everyday use due to its huge versatility. I’ll discuss how amazing it is as a beauty product later, but first I want to cover why coconut oil is such a beneficial addition to every diet. I know that oil can immediately scare…

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