Meal ideas for the last week of Veganuary

Have any of you been taking part in Veganuary, or decided to make 2016 the year you go vegan for good? Or have you been vegan for a while and are just lacking inspiration for what to eat every day? With just one week left of Veganuary, I have a little resource up my sleeve for anyone wondering what new dishes to try over the last few days of the challenge.

A while ago I published a new page on this blog, called ‘On My Menu‘ in the ‘My Favourites‘ section. It is essentially a big list of my go-to meals that I enjoy regularly. I know exactly how it is to get caught up eating the same meals each week, so writing them all down in one place means that I always have a collection of ideas to turn to when my meal-prepping mind goes blank. They’re all vegan, simple to make and good for you – I hope you find it useful!

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