Eating out in Australia

Regular visitors to this blog will likely already be aware of the ‘Eating Out’ section under the ‘My Favourites’ tab, and this blog post is just to notify you that I’ve recently updated the page to include all of my favourite vegan places to eat in Western Australia, where I’ve been exploring for the past few months.

I’ve listed cafes in Perth, Fremantle, Bunbury and Busselton, some of the most popular stop-offs for visitors to the region. I found that Australia really made it a joy to be a vegan when dining out, with healthy vegan options available almost everywhere. What’s more, the larger cities such as Perth are becoming home to more and more specialty raw vegan cafes, so you don’t have to look too hard to find a raw cake or smoothie.

Have any of you eaten at these places, or found other vegan eats that you want to share? Comment below and let me know! And in the meantime, I hope you continue to find this page useful.

3 thoughts on “Eating out in Australia

  1. Natural Nomad says:

    I was living there for a few months while I was volunteering, and it was beautiful! The cities were definitely very vegan friendly too, they are definitely well ahead in the healthy food department 🙂 You should definitely visit if you get chance, it’s so big and has so much to see!

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