Review: Tideford Organics summer soups

Organic Gazpacho Soup

Organic Gazpacho Soup

I’m a big soup fan, but as it’s now (supposed to be!) summer in the UK my usual rustic soup lunches haven’t been on the menu as often as in winter months. However, I was recently contacted by a wonderful company that makes delicious summery soups: Tideford Organics. Eating vegetables in the form of summer salads for months on end can get a little tiring, so I jumped at the chance to taste their soups and get my veggie fix in a different way. Here’s what I thought…

Before I talk about the soups themselves I’ll first give a little background to Tideford Organics. I wasn’t previously aware of this company, but they’ve been cooking up healthy products since 1996 in their Devon kitchens and have won several awards in the process. The most important thing to note about their products is that they are all made from ingredients that are as close to nature as possible: no artificial pesticides are used on their crops, which are certified organic by the Soil Association. Furthermore, their products are all dairy free, and whilst not all of the soups are vegan they do have a good range of tasty vegan options.

I tried the three vegan flavours in Tideford Organic’s range of summer soups: Gazpacho, Watercress and Beetroot. (They also have some delicious sounding winter soups as well as a few flavours created in partnership with celebrity chefs – I’ll definitely be on the lookout for those!) These were all free from artificial preservatives or flavours yet had great ‘Use By’ dates, so could last a few weeks in the fridge if you aren’t ready to eat them straight away.

Organic Gazpacho Soup

Gazpacho soup is a refreshing tomato-based blend that is traditionally eaten cold, so whilst you can heat this version, I stuck with tradition and served it chilled. The coldness was complemented really nicely by the coolness of the cucumber, making it super refreshing and the perfect choice for a summery lunch. I also loved the subtle hints of red pepper, garlic and vinegar, which worked well with the tomato to give a flavourful and satisfying summery lunch. Definitely a winner that will soothe your overheated soul on humid days.


Organic Watercress Soup with Spirulina and Lemon

This was another light option with a thin consistency, but the strong flavours of lemon and leek ensured that it certainly wasn’t watery. Whilst this soup wasn’t my personal favourite of the three, it’s not at all bland and would be great for those who don’t like mild green soups and are after something a bit different. Plus the inclusion of the spirulina algae packs in a host of minerals and plant-based protein that your body will love.


Organic Beetroot Soup

This final flavour was the one I liked the most; it was delicious. It wasn’t too thick but wasn’t pureed completely so had some texture of the veg in there, and whilst the flavour was definitely predominantly beetroot you could also taste the seasoning from the vegetable stock as well as a subtle balance of the other root vegetables. The interesting part was the addition of the pomegranate, which together with the beetroot gave this soup a sweeter flavour than the others. Overall it’s not great if you don’t like beetroot, but otherwise is a really nice choice! I ate mine with a big hunk of fresh soda bread, something that I imagine would suit wintry weather as well as summer.

Whilst I only tried these soups, Tideford Organics also sell a selection of healthy sauces, pestos and even porridge! I admire their dedication to wholefood ingredients and responsible farming and loved these delicious soups, so I’ll certainly be hunting down their other products to buy for myself and my family. If you’re after tasty, organic food that is good for your body as well as your soul, this company is one to check out!

To find out more, browse their full product range and find out where you can buy them, just head over to

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