Rude Health – Review

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I don’t think Rude Health need any introduction – this brand have had a big presence in the UK health food market for quite some time and remain one of the most popular out there. Rude Health make mueslis, granola, snack bars, dairy-free milk alternatives and more, all of them created with minimal ingredients that are of excellent quality and as natural as possible. What’s more, they’re all so delicious that they’re popular with anyone, whether you’re a health fanatic or not.

The philosophy of this British company is quite simple: they think that food should be made up of food, not artificial nasties. As a result, they only use ingredients that you might find in your own kitchens, such as organic wholegrains, cold-pressed oils and ground spices. Their food is delicious but their aim is equally fantastic: to allow you to feel your best by feeding your body with the best foods.

I was already a huge fan of this company and their dedication to making commercial products that don’t contain loads of hidden nasties, so when I recently received some newer products to try I just had to share them on here in a review. Below you’ll find my opinion of their new mini rice and corn thins, oat milk, and three fruit and nut snack bars in the flavours of beetroot, pumpkin and peanut. I hope you find it helpful if you’re on the lookout for a new snack to buy!

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Mini rice and corn thins

These were probably my favourite products of the bunch. I generally eat a lot of standard rice cakes loaded with sweet or savoury toppings for a quick and easy snack or meal, but these bags of the mini versions were such a great alternative. The pack is the perfect size for an individual serving, and the cakes were definitely more-ish! Both the rice and corn cakes were thin and possibly had more crunch than a regular size rice cake. They also were slightly salted so had a nice flavour that would work well with savoury toppings in particular – I ate mine dipped in soups and topped with smashed avocado or hummus. Even better news for the coeliacs amongst us is that both versions are now gluten free!

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Fruit and nut snack bars

All of these bars had a soft texture, similar to a gooey brownie or bliss balls, due to the fact that the fruit, nuts and seeds were blended evenly. They’re the perfect size to pop into your bag for snacking on-the-go, and each one tasted really different so it’s definitely worth trying them all!

Beetroot bar

Ingredients: Dates, cashews, beetroot and sunflower seeds.

This bar was really different to any fruit bar I’ve tried before – the beetroot flavour was such an interesting alternative to most others on the market and had an earthy flavour that was balanced nicely by the sweetness of the dates and cashews. It tasted much like a fresh, sweet fruit and beetroot juice. It’s not as weird as it sounds and worth tasting yourself, I liked it!

Pumpkin bar

Ingredients: Dates, cashews, pumpkin seeds, apple, cinnamon, ginger.

Together with the beetroot bar, this flavour was my joint favourite. The packet says that it tastes like pumpkin pie and it really did have a hint of that – my first thought was ‘ginger cake’ due to the flavour of the warm spices and fruit. Delicious!

Peanut bar

Ingredients: Dates, peanuts, sunflower seeds, date syrup, pumpkin seeds, sea salt.

This really is peanutty so is ideal for those peanut butter fans out there – hence I liked it a lot! This bar isn’t quite as gooey as the others due to its lower fruit content, but it’s still soft rather than crunchy and the nuts kept me full for longer when I had an attack of the munchies.

Rude Health oat milk with their Super Fruity muesli

Rude Health oat milk with their Super Fruity muesli

Oat drink

Ingredients: Spring water, organic oats, organic cold-pressed sunflower oil, sea salt.

This dairy alternative is already a big hit amongst vegans, but for some reason I’d never tried it before. I found that it was nice and smooth – not too thick, but not super thin like other dairy-free milks that I’ve tried. I personally could taste the sunflower oil and therefore found that it wasn’t as great for use in tea/coffee, but I did enjoy it when served ice cold in smoothies or over some Rude Health granola/muesli. I was also pleased to find that it contained no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, things that a lot of milk alternatives are packed with.

Overall, trying these products confirmed that Rude Health are a great choice for snacks and drinks that really have your health in mind. The great thing is that Rude Health are available in practically all large UK supermarket chains, meaning that you don’t have to spend hours hunting in specialist health stores either. To find out more about the company itself or to buy products online, visit their website at

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