Luk Beautifood natural make up – Review

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It’s not often that I write about products other than food, and whilst I believe that a healthy lifestyle largely relies on a good diet, I’m also interested in finding natural alternatives to other everyday items that complement my lifestyle. Today I want to talk about a moisturising lipstick I received from Luk Beautifood, a wonderful company that makes natural cosmetics. I was recently gifted this and I already absolutely love it!

The company’s name is telling of their philosophy: Luk Beautifood believes that our outer beauty reflects our inner health, and the best way to promote health is via the food that we consume. In their own words, Whole nuts, seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables contain an intrinsic and synergistic mix of essential macro and micro nutrients including antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients; the right active foods are, in a nutshell, the perfect skinfood. The company realise that our skin absorbs things we put on it, as in spot treatments and nicotine patches, so it’s therefore important to be more selective about what we’re covering our faces with. Seeing as food nourishes our body so well from the inside, doesn’t it make sense to start applying those same nourishing ingredients to our outsides?

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As a result, all of the cosmetics made or sold by Luk are formulated using natural, food-based ingredients. As well as selling their own Lip Nourish sticks, Luk stock a ‘100% pure’ range made in the US that shares their own ethos and believes in the value of pigments derived only from fruit. I tried one of these; a vegan and organic 100% fruit pigmented Lip Glaze in the Daiquiri shade, and I’ll admit that it is quite hard to stop licking your lips given the delicious flavour! Based on avocado, cocoa, shea and mango butters and coloured with a range of fruit pigments including cherry, plum and pomegranate, it is a gorgeous pink with blue undertones that really make the glaze shine and complement your skin tone. However, I think I love the feel of the lipstick even better than the beautiful colour – the smooth formula glides on so well and is rich in vitamins C and E to prevent the development of fine lines and fight those aging free radicals. It feels more like a soothing lip balm than make up, and after just a few days of non-stop use my lips feel softer than they have in a while. What’s more, Luk’s friendly team have told me that the benefits get better the longer you use it for – the perfect excuse to rock that lipstick everywhere you go!

As well as the pink Daiquiri shade, Luk stock this product in a range of tones from red-oranges to plums. I’m also keen to try the other cosmetics in their range, such as lip glosses, vegan mascara, eyeliners and foundations. Choosing what to start with is the difficult task!

If you want to find out more information about Luk Beautifood, their philosophy, founder or products, or to buy some for yourself, visit their website at this link:

5 thoughts on “Luk Beautifood natural make up – Review

  1. Cindy Luken says:

    Lauren – that is such a lovely review about our brand. Thanks so much. I just wanted to clarify with you and your readers that we only make lük beautifood lip nourish and the 100% Pure is from the US. We stock it because we 100% believe in makeup being pigmented with fruits and vegetables. Cindy x


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