10% Organic Burst discount until Tuesday with code ‘LAUREN10’

OB be-your-best Lauren

Quick guys! I have a limited-time offer to share with you – 10% off ALL Organic Burst products and bundles when you use the code ‘LAUREN10’ at checkout on their website, organicburst.com. It’s only until Tuesday so make sure you take advantage of the savings while they last!

If you’ve been following on me online for any length of time then you’ll already know how much I love Organic Burst, both for their products and as a company in general. They are a UK-based team that source extremely high quality superfoods such as açaí, maca and spirulina, and I use at least one of their products on a daily basis. I do this partly for the health benefits – the team at OB are all focused on the wellbeing of their customers and their wonderful nutritionist, Claire, writes regular articles on specific health topics and their links with superfoods over on their website. I definitely recommend reading them – if you have concerns ranging from digestion issues, weight loss, lack of energy and everything in between, then Organic Burst can suggest actions and products to help you feel your best!

Another reason that I am so eager to support Organic Burst relates to their concern for the local communities that are involved in producing their superfoods. This is so important to me. For example, their baobab is harvested sustainably in association with PhytoTrade Africa, a non-profit group working to eliminate poverty with ethical baobab trade that provides a vital income for locals and their communities. The growers of açaí in the Amazon and maca root in Peru gain similar benefits, so by using their products I know that I’m not only helping myself but also the people that work to produce these amazing plants.

If you’re unsure of how to use your superfoods, quite a few of my recipes incorporate OB goodies. Why not try some on the list below, then start experimenting!

If you have any questions, read my full review of OB products here, or drop me or the OB team a message – we’ll be happy to help! I cannot recommend these superfoods enough – I buy them again and again and would love you all to benefit from this discount and their products too!

—Use the code ‘LAUREN10’ on organicburst.com until Tuesday!—

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