Review: Made by Fressko

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A couple of months ago I was really kindly sent a ‘Made by Fressko’ flask to try – I’ve absolutely loved using it and thought it was about time I reviewed it properly on here.

Fressko are a Melbourne-based company that have the admirable philosophy of “Be kind to mother earth, to others, and to yourself.” To meet this goal, Fressko make a range of reusable flasks from sustainable materials – good for the planet, and good for those of us that like to have our drinks to hand anytime and anywhere. I’ve been carrying mine around for weeks and it is so durable that I can tell it will last for a long time, saving me a LOT of paper cups as I fuel my serious smoothie habit.

Fressko’s glass products come in 300ml, 400ml or 500ml volumes. I tried the ‘Tour’ 400ml glass flask and would definitely recommend it – I like the generous volume that it can hold (my smoothies are never small!) but at the same time the flask isn’t too bulky to pop in your bag. I also love this company as they’ve swapped the usual plastic and rubber materials for 100% BPA-free glass and bamboo, making them even better for your health.

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What’s more, Fressko flasks aren’t like your standard drink container. Yes, they can keep your drinks hot/cold due to their insulating double wall, and I’ve loved using them in this way for my coffees, smoothies and juices. However, they also come with an ingenious 2-in-1 infuser that allows your flask to do a lot more than just carry liquids. One way you can use this is as a short filter for infused water. Here, the filter acts like a sieve to keep any solids or bits in the flask and only allow liquid into your mouth, and as a result you can throw in a variety of chopped fruit, herbs or cucumber to make a refreshing flavoured water that gets even tastier the longer you leave it for. My favourites were cucumber water or strawberry water – I had these to hand when revising for exams and they were a great way to keep hydrated as the fresh flavours made me drink so much more than when I just have plain water.

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The filter also comes with an attachment to make it into a longer infuser that’s perfect for holding tea leaves. Simply fill the infuser with your desired dried tea leaves or herbal teas, add hot or chilled water, and pop on the lid to take a calming brew wherever you go.

I also enjoyed creating my own ‘teas’ using the short filter too – rather than using leaves in the long infuser, I made an apple and cinnamon ‘tea’ by adding whole cinnamon sticks and other spices to my flask. Find the full recipe for this here.


Another thing that made my Fressko flask such a joy to use was the fact that they are so easy to clean. The glass flasks and infusers can be popped in the dishwasher, so the only work that you have to do is rinse the bamboo lid under running water (difficult, I know!)

Overall, I genuinely love my Fressko flask. Whilst it may be very slightly heavier than a lightweight plastic flask, the glass they use is still super light and durable so it isn’t a burden to carry around. The company have also started making fully bamboo flasks that are great for your hot drinks – find out more information about these on their website, If you fall in love with them like I have, then you’ll be glad to know that these flasks can be shipped worldwide (and they come in a recyclable container that can be used as a great utensil holder, plant pot or storage tube!) I love supporting companies that share my values so I would definitely encourage you to invest in one of Fressko’s products. I’ve never stayed so hydrated!

To find out more information or buy your own flask, visit

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