Mango Lime Sorbet


To me, summer goes hand-in-hand with an abundance of fruit, and there’s nothing like a golden mango to get you feeling those tropical vibes. This sorbet is really refreshing, but the banana ensures that it still has the slightly creamy texture of my favourite classic banana ice cream. We all know that mango and lime are a match made in heaven, so the citrus here adds a nice hint of zestiness to make the flavours sparkle all through summer.

Serves two as a light dessert, or one if you’re a hungry breakfaster like me…

Preparation time: Overnight freezing, then two minutes to blend


250g mango chunks

1 banana

1 lime


  1. Chop and weigh out the mango, then peel and chop the banana and throw it all in a bag or plastic container in your freezer overnight.
  1. In the morning, get out the frozen fruit and let it sit on the side for two minutes. You might also want to put the bowl(s) you’ll serve the sorbet in into the freezer while you blend – I like doing this so they keep their contents cold for longer, giving you more time to eat it before it melts into a puddle.
  1. Throw the mango and banana into a food processor or strong blender and blitz until it is smooth. You might want to add a splash of water to get things moving, but don’t add too much unless you fancy a mango soup!
  1. Once smooth, halve the lime and squeeze its juice into the blender (you might want to cut off a little segment to keep for decoration if you’re feeling fancy). Turn on the blender for a few seconds again to mix the lime juice through.
  1. Scoop into your bowl, top with everything you can get your hands on, grab a spoon, close your eyes and imagine you’re sat on a tropical island. Happy summer!


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