Neal’s Yard Remedies – ‘Beauty Book’ review


Most of you will know that I’m a big fan of Neal’s Yard, not only because I love their natural, cruelty free products but also because as a company they have fantastic ethical values and do so much for the environment. In the past I’ve written about their book ‘Healing Foods’, an informative bible for any foodie that has since occupied pride of place on my bookshelf, so when I heard they had a new ‘Beauty Book’ coming out I jumped at the chance to get my hands on a copy!

The Beauty Book really does cover just about everything to do with beauty and caring for your body from the outside-in. It starts with information on the science of skin as well as what chemicals are included in conventional skincare products, and I found it really informative to read about these after spending years ignoring ingredient labels in the bathroom. This first section also lists the different beauty tools that are useful to incorporate into your regime, a great thing if, like me, you’re confused about all of the brushes and contraptions on offer!


My favourite sections have to be the ones that focus on different plants and ingredients. This was also a feature in their previous ‘Healing Foods’ book, and is so incredibly useful and interesting! Each ingredient has a page to itself describing the beneficial properties it has for your body and how to use it effectively. For example, it tells you how to use rose in all its different forms and explains the skin types it will help the most.

The book also goes on to describe different skin types and the best care regimes for each one, with similar sections for different hair types. Furthermore, their expert authors cover ways to heal your skin and hair woes from the inside-out with food, suggesting different foods according to your body’s specific needs.


As well as just discussing how to take care of your skin, the Neal’s Yard team have included a number of pages dedicated to how to make it look great using make up. Not only do they offer tips and tutorials on applying different products, they also have a few double-page spreads of how to re-create entire make up looks based on the elements, with inspiration ranging from ‘water’ to ‘fire’ looks. I’ve tried out some of these myself, and found them a fantastic source of inspiration if you’re looking to try something new but aren’t sure where to start or how to put a look together.

Finally, the majority of the Beauty Book is a compilation of recipes for everything from face masks to body scrubs and deodorants, all of which use natural ingredients and can easily be made at home. There are so many of these recipes for your hair, body and face, it would take a long time to try them all so you’ll always have something fresh to make.

Overall, I really recommend the Beauty Book. It’s a great gift for anyone interested in natural beauty and self-care remedies, or is even a good gift for yourself if you are looking for inspiration to shake-up your current pampering routine. As always, the expert tips from Neal’s Yard are really eye-opening and their knowledge of the power of natural ingredients is astounding – you’re sure to learn something new every time you pick it up. Well done Neal’s Yard on another winning bookshelf staple!
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