Raw Core Love by Muma – Review

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Raw Core Love by Muma (find them at loveyamuma.com) is a blend of superfoods with a neutral flavour and meal consistency, making it ideal to add into any meal or snack combination, be it sweet or savoury. The idea is to incorporate 10g of this yumminess into each meal for five days to kickstart healthy eating habits and make you feel fabulous – it certainly worked for me, though I carried on sprinkling it on everything even after the five days were up (trust me, it’s addictive.)

Because it’s been ground to a fine texture all your body needs to do is absorb those nutrients, without too much of the difficult digestive work required for other seeds and fibres. This way, you can boost your energy, improve heart and digestive health, and even make your hair and skin glow if used for enough time. All of these benefits are due to ingredients including chia seeds, psyllium husks, quinoa flakes and seeds such as flax and poppy. I’ve had chia and psyllium husk before and definitely noticed an improvement in my digestion afterwards, so using Muma’s mix is an easy way to get these benefits from almost any meal.

Due to its versatility the mixture works really well sprinkled on breakfasts such as oatmeal, stirred into smoothies to get a hidden boost of nutrients, or scattered on top of stews, stir fries or roast veggies for an extra serving of nutritional goodness. Unlike other sprinkles, this one doesn’t have a specific sweet or savoury taste, explaining why you’ll find it in almost every recipe imaginable on their social media pages. If you were considering investing in some staple foods such as psyllium to aid your own digestion, combining all of the ingredients into one product as Muma have done is so much easier than having to buy them separately, so I’d definitely recommend a visit to their website to buy the product. It won’t take long for you to be adopting Muma’s healthy habits on a daily basis!

Find Raw Core Love at loveyamuma.com

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