Organic Burst superfoods – Review

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The incredibly generous Ekaterina from Organic Burst long ago sent me a few of their superfood powders to try out, and they are of such fantastic quality and ethical standards that I have never strayed from their products since, trying new ones whenever my bank balance allows me to. This review includes all of their products that I’ve tried so far (which is most of them!), so read on to find out which are my favourites and why in my opinion Organic Burst are the best choice for all your supplement needs.

Organic Burst is a UK-based company that makes high quality superfood supplements that can be used every day to give your health a boost. They have a variety of different kinds on offer, including Acai, Baobab, Chlorella, Maca, Spirulina, and Wheatgrass, some of which come in powder form and others as capsules or tablets. This means that no matter what meal or snack you are preparing there is always a supplement that will be incorporated into your regime, so you will easily slip into the habit of adding a nutritional boost to your daily routine.I’ll review the products that I’ve tried alphabetically below, so you can skip to your favourite or read through them all to decide which option may be the best for you.

Before we get onto the products themselves, I’ll quickly mention another reason why Organic Burst is my brand of choice when it comes to health products. As the name suggests, all of their superfoods are organic and certified by the Soil Association, so you can be certain that no harmful pesticides or chemicals were applied during the growing process. Organic Burst also have wonderful ethical partnerships with their growers – as mentioned in the case of PhytoTrade Africa involved in harvesting their baobab below, the production of fruits for Organic Burst also benefits the growers’ communities in the local area by providing jobs and a fair, stable income for their workers. If the health benefits alone don’t convince you to try them, the knowledge that your purchase is also helping others might just push you to give them a go!


Açaí – Where do I begin. This superfood really is my favourite, and açaí bowls are my favourite meal. Açaí berries hail from the Brazilian Amazon and have an incredibly high Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity value of 70,000, which is three times more than gojis and ten times greater than blueberries. This value is a measure of its antioxidant capacity – antioxidants act to prevent damage to all body cells caused by free radicals, and in doing so they protect your skin from ageing effects and promote a glowing and blemish-free complexion. Açaí is also a great source of omegas 3, 6 and 9, essential fatty acids needed for building healthy cells and maintaining your nervous system’s function.

Organic Burst açaí capsules are made of pure vegetable materials so are easily digested, but their main function is to protect the freeze-dried powder inside from exposure to air. Açaí’s high oxidation capacity means that it quickly loses all of its benefits when left open to oxygen, so by enclosing them in capsules you know that every serving is just as nutritious as the last.

Whilst I could talk about açaí all day, the main thing I want to get across is its wonderful flavour. It has a distinctive, sweet taste that works so well with other berries and bananas in smoothies, frozen açaí bowls and other treats, so it is certainly worth investing in. If I could recommend one superfood it would be this one!

Find my recipe for a basic açaí bowl here if you need a simple starting point.

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Baobab – This product comes in a powder form and has been another big hit in my household – its tangy flavour is again perfect in fruitier snacks such as smoothies. Baobab powder dries in pods of Africa’s Baobab tree completely naturally, and is so high in Vitamin C that I definitely noticed an improvement in my energy. It’s also great for people who have a bit of a coffee addiction – the high potassium content can alleviate the effects of caffeine and sodium to leave your nervous system feeling a little more in control. However, what I liked most about the baobab was the good it does not only for my body, but for millions of people in Africa who harvest the seed pods – Organic Burst works with PhytoTrade Africa when sourcing this product to give those living in poverty a sustainable and fair income. A super food if there ever was one!

Chlorella – This microalgae comes in powder, tablet and granule form, meaning that you can add the powder to your smoothies but also just pop the tablets if you aren’t too keen on the taste: like other algae, this one has a rather pond-like flavour that some people may find overwhelming, although it can be easily masked with fruit. However, the newer granules have very little taste to them and can be sprinkled on fruity breakfasts or savoury meals alike, so I’ve been loving these as a great way to get my greens in without having to wear a peg on my nose!

I usually take chlorella tablets every evening before bed – one of its functions is to detoxify the liver and kidneys and cleanse them of heavy metals or pollutants, plus folic acid, iron and Vitamin D help to form new cells, so by taking it before bed you can kickstart this process overnight and be ready for the new day as soon as you wake up.

Chlorella also contains zinc, Vitamin B2 and selenium, nutrients which strengthen and restore your hair and nails to ensure that the benefits are external as well as internal. Iodine promotes normal nervous system and thyroid functioning, and studies have also indicated that the microalgae is fantastically beneficial for maintaining a healthy immune system. However, one of the more important benefits that I take chlorella tablets for is to get sufficient Vitamin B12: this nutrient is infamously difficult to source on a plant-based diet as it is usually only found in animal products, but a serving of chlorella contains all of your daily needs of this essential vitamin. What’s more, Organic Burst chlorella has a cracked cell wall to make the digestion of all of these key components even more efficient.

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Maca – Maca powder is possibly my second favourite of the Organic Burst range after açaí, as it has a malty caramel flavour so is perfect in oatmeal, baked goods, sweet smoothies, chia puddings, and more. The taste makes it a great alternative to other sweeteners without all the unnecessary sugar, and in my Banana Maca Muffins it worked a treat.

Maca has been grown for centuries by the native people of South America from where it originates, and is a root that is extremely rich in a variety of minerals including iron to combat fatigue plus calcium, magnesium and silica for healthy bones and skin. As well as boosting your energy and giving you a healthy glow, maca root can stabilise hormone cycles. For all of these benefits and also simply for its excellent flavour, I’d definitely recommend maca as a great introductory product to the superfood world.

Spirulina – With chlorella, spirulina makes up the second half of Organic Burst’s algae range, and is again available as powder or tablets. This microscopic blue-green plant does a lot for your health – high in beta-carotene and iron, it supports the immune system and the iron also promotes optimal cognitive functioning (read: brain power!) Furthermore, spirulina is a complete protein source: it contains all 18 amino acids including the essential amino acids that can only be derived from your diet, and its protein is around four times more absorbable than that in beef. These amino acids help to stabilise your blood sugar and promote heart health, and are super efficient at cleansing your organs of any toxins. Whilst it does have the habit of turning anything you add it to a deep green colour, who doesn’t love a good green smoothie? And if you aren’t a fan of it’s pond-like taste, combining it with plenty of fruit will soon solve the problem.

Thank you again to Organic Burst for introducing me to the world of superfoods! If you have any questions about any of their products or their uses then don’t hesitate to drop me an email or ask the team themselves, we’ll be more than happy to help.

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