Gusto herbs smoothie booster – Review

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If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably have noticed that I like my smoothies, so I’m always on the lookout for new things to add to them to make them even more delicious. When my Gusto Herbs ‘Calm’ smoothie booster arrived it certainly did just that – the flavour is quite subtle but woody and sweet, making it the perfect blend of gentle tastes to calm your senses and soothe your soul.

Gusto Herbs is an Australian company that sources its natural herbs and ingredients from organic sources as much as possible. They have range of smoothie boosters (all of which are vegan) including Energy, Nutrition, Body, Weight, Balance, Ease, Detox, Mind and Calm. These all use different plant combinations to target at different aspects of your health. Plus, they’re so easy to use! Each product comes in a fine powder form, meaning you just need to add one or two teaspoons to any smoothie or juice to get the benefits. 

I have only tried the Calm booster but I would certainly buy it again.

The Calm contains a mix of plants and herbs that have long been known to support sleep and relax your mind – as an on/off insomniac who has always taken a while to get to sleep, I certainly needed it. I’ve found that the flavour alone soothes my mind and stops it from overworking when it should be winding down for bed, and using the product has also helped me to set a more structured bedtime routine: I know that after my banana milk with Gusto Calm it’s time to relax and stop for the day.

Here’s a list of the soothing plants you’ll find in it:

Chamomile – Soothes anxieties and stress.

Linden Flower – A sedative, good for anxiety and insomnia.

Ashwagandah – Calms the nervous system, relaxes blood vessels and stimulates circulation. Also helps with arthritic pain.

Valerian Root – Calms nerves, relaxes the body, and encourages an improved quality of sleep.

Passion Flower – Traditionally used to relax the mind and body, improving sleep.

I like to use mine a couple of hours before bed each night, or during the day if I just need to relax after a busy morning. If I’m adding it to a smoothie before bed, I find that citrus or other fruits can make me more alert, so I like to blend Gusto Calm with just bananas, almond milk, and maybe a couple of dates. I’ve also tried adding it to my oats and banana ice cream for a little hint of flavour when I know I have a restful day ahead, and I’ve even thought of some different recipes that it would work well in – try adding it to cakes, brownies or other sweet treats to amp up their health benefits and treat your soul.

Visit for more information and to buy their nutritious goodies!

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