Frank coffee scrub – Review

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been showering with a cheeky body scrub called Frank, and he’s such a good companion that I thought it was about time to share him with all of you too!

Frank makes a range of vegan body scrubs, all of which are based on ground Robusta coffee. The ingredients are all natural and work together to treat your skin in various ways: the ground coffee scrubs dead or flaky skin away to reveal the softer skin hidden beneath, even working to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks due to the minerals within the beans. Sea salt and brown sugar also feature in all of the scrubs, smoothing your lumps and bumps and nourishing stressed skin cells. Finally, cold-pressed oils are added to every product as the perfect moisturisers that soothe even the most sensitive of bodies.

Not only that, but there are a range of products in the Frank family: ‘Original’, ‘Coconut and Grapeseed’ and ‘Cacao’. I was sent all three to try and whilst they are different in their smells I found that they were equally effective at looking after my skin. Plus they are equally tempting to eat! (Don’t eat them though: as delicious as the scrub seems, Frank isn’t edible.) As well as including the fantastic ingredients mentioned above, each scrub packs in additional components that offer their own unique benefits – read on to find out what these are.

Original – Even this scrub was definitely not as plain as it sounds – it contains a hint of orange essence, which gives the scrub a subtle but zesty citrus scent. Couple that with the intense aroma of the ground coffee and it is difficult to resist! The oil used in the Original is sweet almond oil, known for its ability to moisturise and tone whilst being soft on sensitive skin.

Cacao – As its name suggests, the Cacao scrub includes cacao extract that contains powerful antioxidants, toning and refining troubled skin. Cold pressed almond oil again features here, as well as macadamia oil – combining the nutrients from both nuts ensures that your body gets a wider variety of benefits, so if you’re looking for a change from the Original scrub then swapping to one of the other two on offer is a great way to sneak in extra goodness for your body. Finally, the smell of this Cacao scrub is amazing – think a coffee chocolate truffle and that’s what you’ll be showering with!

Coconut and Grapeseed – The third and final product in the Frank range is the Coconut and Grapeseed, a super moisturising scrub thanks to the coconut oil’s hydrating properties. Paired with the grapeseed oil that tones your skin, as well as coconut flakes and jojoba beads to smooth any troublesome bumps, this scrub is certainly a powerhouse of nourishment that really cleared my skin up.

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To use Frank you simply massage a handful or two into your stressed-out skin, and you can even leave it to dry for 10 minutes before rinsing to make your body even happier. My skin is normally a little dry and temperamental, but even after the first use of the Original scrub it smelt amazing and was noticeably softer. I even used a little on my face and my complexion was definitely a little rosier.

However, if I could give you one piece of advice it would be to not stop using Frank after one try! You may already have noticed a difference and be happy with the result after day one, but if you continue to use Frank for a few weeks as I did then your skin will improve even more. After two weeks mine looks brighter and clearer, which I believe may be partly down to the exfoliation from the coffee and partly from the cold pressed oils. And the plus side is that it takes hardly any time: I scrub up first and then leave it to dry whilst I wash my hair so that I’m not just waiting around, and that way my skin can still get the maximum benefits.

Overall, I love the results I’ve got from using Frank regularly, and I will definitely continue to keep showering with these three cheeky scrubs. I’d also recommend ordering two or all three of their range so that you can switch it up and get even more nourishment. If the smoothness of your skin doesn’t get you hooked, the scent of the wonderful orange essence in the Original or the chocolate in the Cacao scrubs certainly will!

To order your own Frank, visit

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