Red Velvet Banana Ice Cream

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I whipped up this banana ‘ice cream’ recipe on a whim and it has quickly become my favourite flavour! Ever since discovering the wonder of banana ice cream I’ve been hooked, and this combination takes the enjoyment to a whole new level of luxury. Even better, it’s still healthy! I added the beetroot juice mainly for the natural colour, although this ingredient alone is very beneficial. The pigment responsible for that rich colour is betacyanin, a powerful molecule thought to suppress some cancers, and beets are also one of the richest sources of the amino acid glutamine, which is essential for maintaining healthy digestive organs.

2 extra large ripe bananas

1/3 cup pressed beetroot juice

1/4 cup milk (I prefer rice or almond milk)

1 tbsp cacao powder

1 tsp vanilla extract

Toppings – dried mulberries, gojis and cacao nibs are my favourites

Serves 1

Preparation time: Freeze the day before, then 2 minutes prep just before eating

  1. Peel and slice the bananas and pop in the freezer in a sealed bag overnight.
  1. When you succumb to temptation and need the ice cream right then and there, place all of the ingredients into a food processor or blender and blitz until they reach a creamy consistency, like ice cream.
  1. Spoon into a bowl and smother with the toppings before enjoying your new favourite treat.

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