Crude Juice – Review


I drink juice like no one’s business, so I was extremely eager to try some of the UK juice company Crude Juice’s drinks just as the cold weather started setting in. Crude Juice is based in London and will deliver selections of their products or specific juice cleanses anywhere in the UK. As all of their juices are fresh, raw and cold-pressed they have a short shelf to ensure that none of their nutrients have degraded by the time you drink them, so the fact that Crude will deliver anywhere in the UK is not only impressive but also means that you get fresh deliveries every three days if you order a full cleanse package. Now that sounds like good service.

As I mentioned, all of the drinks on offer are raw, cold-pressed and organic, meaning that the most nutritious ingredients are packed into each sip. This also means that they are suitable for most dietary preferences, including those of us avoiding dairy, gluten or animal products. What’s more, you can choose a different cleanse type according to the kinds of juices you want, or simply order a selection box of juices or their delicious dairy-free mylks if you aren’t looking to commit to a cleanse program.

I wasn’t looking to try a full juice cleanse but I was looking for some tasty drinks to help me ward off any of those winter colds that are creeping back into town, and I definitely got that and more. If you are looking to try one of their cleanses they offer three different programs – an Easy Cleanse, Crude Cleanse or Greens Cleanse – and each can be done for 1, 3, or 6 days. Find lots of helpful information and advice on their website, Here I’ll just talk about the juices themselves and how they fit into a balanced lifestyle for me, so read on if you want to know what flavours are in store!

Crude Juice offer a range of 6 juices and 3 glorious dairy-free mylks, of which I got to try 3 of the juice flavours and 1 mylk flavour. The full list of flavours is below – I’ll give more information on the ones I tried out underneath:



– The Green One

– Green Light

– Pineapple Cooler

– Electrolyte Light

– Crude Carrot

– Red Roots



– Choco Maca Mylk

– Chia Chai Cashew

– Vanilla Cream


First, let me talk about the Choco Maca Mylk. Oh my goodness, this was like a bottle of heaven! It was a bit thicker and creamier than the others which made it a nice indulgence, but it was also still nice and refreshing when served ice cold. Plus, it tasted just like chocolate milk thanks to the cacao nibs and powder’s rich chocolate flavour, and this was balanced beautifully by the sweetness of the dates and the slight caramel notes of the lucuma and maca superfoods. In fact, I was sure I got a hint of tiramisu from this – even my family all loved it!

As for the Choco Maca Mylk’s health benefits, the cashews give it a generous boost of protein and healthy fats, perfect for those who avoid animal products and are looking for a source of this vital nutrients. The fact that this mylk contains superfoods is also great for your body – maca is renowned for its ability to balance hormones and provide energy. Overall, I definitely felt satisfied from the protein and fats in this bottle, I had more energy, and I definitely felt like I’d had an excellent cacao fix.

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Now onto the juices. All of these were extremely refreshing and full of flavour, with none of the bitterness or ‘pond-like’ tastes that some vegetable juices pack in.

The Green One was an excellent juice to wake up with. Filled with leafy greens including spinach, romaine, kale and swiss chard, as well as celery, cucumber, apple, parsley and mint, this green juice is certainly one to be reckoned with! A great source of chlorophyll, it has fantastic alkalising properties and helps to balance your body and counter inflammation. High levels of vitamin A also do your skin the world of good – I felt healthier and revitalised immediately after drinking it, and after waking up with one over the course of the working week I still felt energised and had bright skin even when Friday rolled around.

I like my green juices to still have a hint of sweetness, and this one had just enough apple and mint to give me that balance of flavours that I needed. I also loved the addition of the parsley – it’s not an ingredient I think of adding to my morning smoothies, but the flavour really complemented the mint and other green perfectly.

Red roots added a pop of colour to my box, and that colour itself is reason to drink this juice. This is because beetroot gets its deep tint from betacyanin, an antioxidant that is thought to prevent cancer growth. Beetroot also supports liver functioning, which helps to break down fats and prevent fatigue. Couple that with the anti-inflammatory effects of ginger and you will be feeling great all day.

I do like beetroot juices but in the past have found some slightly too earthy. However, this one wasn’t as strong as others and it was balanced nicely by apple, lemon and ginger, so it is actually a nice introductory choice if you are new to vegetable juices.

Finally, onto my joint favourite (I couldn’t pick between The Green One and this) – Crude Carrot. This mixture of carrots, apple, celery, cinnamon and ginger is a real winner for me: I already loved carrot, apple and ginger juice, but the extra hint of subtle cinnamon gave it a warm touch of spice alongside the usual zingyness of the ginger. As mentioned earlier, the ginger is great for improving circulation and warding off fevers, but I also found this juice very refreshing and perfect for a morning or between-meal pick-me-up.


To sum up, when I got to the end of my juice boxes I definitely felt a little sad that they were now empty, but I also felt like I’d made it through to Friday without feeling as exhausted and achy as I usually do. I even think that my skin looked slightly clearer – whilst my existing blemishes hadn’t vanished, I didn’t notice any new ones appearing like I would often do after a stressful week.

I’d also recommend ordering a juice box just to test out some new combinations and find flavours that you like. These ones fit really easily into my daily life, so you don’t have to forego food and can simply enjoy your juices alongside normal meals like I did – you’ll still reap the benefits. I found that the green juice was perfect to start the day with, and the Choco Maca Mylk was ideal for that gap between lunch and dinner when you need something slightly more filling to carry you through, so there really is something to suit everyone.

In fact, after writing this review I’m currently hovering over the ‘Order’ button on the website! I don’t live in London therefore it can be very difficult to find raw organic juices, so for any fellow countryside-dwellers that need their juice fix then this company is one of the only ones I’ve found that will deliver outside the Big Smoke.

If you want to try these refreshing nutritional powerhouses for yourself, head on over to and take your pick!

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