BlendCo Skin Blend – Review

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A lot of you will be aware of Blendco already – I know I certainly was when the generous Morgan first contacted me and let me try out their superfood mix. I was more than delighted, the main reason for this being that Blendco differs from other superfood mixes in that it is designed specifically to target your skin, combining the perfect balance of nutrients to encourage it to glow just as nature intended.

As well as sharing my views on this product with you, I wanted to also give you a bit of background on Blendco the company. The team are based in Australia and are the perfect embodiment of an active, healthy and outdoorsy lifestyle. And when we imagine what people who follow this kind of lifestyle look like, I know I certainly picture them to have incredible skin. Blendco agree – they believe that your skin is a reflection of your overall internal health. With this in mind, they created a blend of superfoods that work together to provide your body (and therefore your skin) with a dose of antioxidants and vital minerals that could make anyone’s skin shine. With the stress of exams still lingering in the background at the time of receiving my pack (read: lingering on my face in the form of unhappy blemishes), I was eager to give Blendco’s wonder product a try.

The product itself contains 7 superfoods: coconut, activated pumpkin seeds, goji berries, cacao nibs, raspberry, acai, and Himalayan salt. Each one lends different properties (let’s call them superpowers): first, coconut is rich in saturated fats and minerals to help omega 3 absorption, essential for the maintenance of collagen for healthy skin. Acai and raspberry are packed with antioxidants to fight off free radicals and protect your skin from their aging effects, whilst the Himalayan salt contains the same 84 minerals found in our bodies, thus making it effective in hydrating us and balancing electrolytes. Of course, the hint of cacao nibs is essential to keep us sane and pump some calming serotonin into our systems. All of this equals a detoxed body and glowing skin – it worked a treat on me, and I definitely noticed a big improvement in my skin after the first week of munching on Blendco daily. My blemishes were reduced and I felt as though my insides were glowing too.

You might also have noticed that all the ingredients listed above sound extremely tasty. You are not wrong. I’ve had other superfood mixes before, but Blendco is the first one I’ve tried that has a distinctly sweet rather than a neutral flavour. As a sweet-toothed person I love this, but it’s not overwhelming so even if you’re not such a sweet fan I’m sure you’ll still love it! Whilst the taste and crunchy texture made it perfect for using on yoghurts, oatmeal, fruit or on top of tropical smoothies, I had a very hard time restraining myself from spooning it straight out of the pack into my mouth. Trust me, this stuff is addictive! In fact, I found myself eating Blendco more and more simply because it tastes so good, regardless of the wonderful health benefits it also conveys. The texture and flavour is quite similar to a lot of breakfast granolas I’ve tried, so it’s a pleasure rather than a duty to add it into meals each day.

If you want to try the Blendco mix yourself, follow this link to – just be warned, you might have to plan out a rationing schedule before it arrives, otherwise it will be gone before you can say “superfood”!

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