Alpro Tops Campaign

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A previous post of mine focused on Alpro as a company and explained why I’m such a fan of their products overall, but I also wanted to share my experience of the Alpro Tops challenge with you all. The aim was to incorporate Alpro yoghurts into breakfasts for a week to prove how simple it is to throw together a nutritious meal even when you’re rushing out of the door to school or work – spooning yoghurt into a bowl and showering it with delicious toppings is just as fast as pouring milk onto cereal, and can be ten times as tasty!

I started the week with Alpro’s Lemon and Lime flavour yoghurt, and this definitely remains my favourite. I’d never tried it before but I can honestly say that it was like eating key lime pie for breakfast, I’m definitely going to have this in my fridge at all times from now on. When topped with dried mango, desiccated coconut, coconut meat and flaxseeds it also provides plenty of zesty flavour to wake you up on a Monday.

I also loved adding dried or fresh mint to the Plain yoghurt flavour, and stirring through some super dark chocolate or cacao nibs to make an easy mint choc-chip bowl. I always loved mint choc-chip ice cream as a small child and miss it so much now, but this breakfast reminded me of ice cream and was like having dessert even before the day began!

The Vanilla yoghurt is such a popular flavour that I hardly feel the need to justify my love for it – I used mine several times, but my favourite occasion was when I combined it with the Strawberry and Rhubarb flavour to create a bowl inspired by a classic English dessert: rhubarb and custard. The rhubarb flavour was extremely subtle but I enjoyed the sweetness of the strawberry as a nice contrast to the plain yoghurt earlier in the week, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again.

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Overall, I stick by the Lemon Lime flavour as my top yoghurt from Alpro, and if you’re going to try one then definitely make it this one! Purely for its versatility, however, I also continue to buy the Plain yoghurt and keep it in stock at all times – it was so easy to add a variety of toppings to it during the challenge, and its neutral flavour means you’re not even limited to sweet dishes as with the others: I used it to make a yoghurt dip for a savoury meal and it worked really well. Any of Alpro’s yoghurts could also be used in smoothies, banana ice cream or as a different take on a chocolate fondue dip for fruit. What’s more, my family find it incredibly hard to tell them apart from normal dairy yoghurts, they’re just that creamy!

Try them for yourself and let me know how you get on, your favourite flavours, or if you have any favourite toppings to share.

You can visit to find out where you can buy them, and also for more information on their full range of products.

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