Alpro – Review


When the lovely team at Alpro approached me and asked if I’d like to take part in a campaign they run with lots of bloggers called ‘Alpro Tops’, I jumped at the chance. For five days the aim is to use a variety of their yummy soya yoghurts and toppings to come up with creative breakfasts that can make the working week far more exciting. As a long-time Alpro fan, this sounded nothing more than delicious!

For those of you who followed my challenge on Instagram (which is now a while back) you’ll have probably seen some of my combinations, and you can find out more about how I found the experience at this link to the Alpo Tops Campaign. For this first post, however, I just wanted to share a bit more about Alpro and their products, and explain why I’m such a soygurt devotee.

A lot of people presume that Alpro products are all soya based, but they in fact make products based on other plants including nut milks, rice milk, and a newer coconut milk that I can definitely recommend! But as I was testing out their soya yoghurts I’ll focus on those. I got sent their big pot flavours of plain, vanilla, strawberry and rhubarb, and possibly my favourite: lemon and lime. None of them use artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, and whilst they do have a little added sugar it is again a very small amount compared to most other dairy alternatives on the market, which is why I’ve always chosen Alpro.

Soya beans provide high quality plant protein – their quality rivals that found in cows’ milk or eggs, as they provide all of the essential amino acids – and the peptides they contain regulate blood pressure and support healthy immune functioning. As well as this, soy has a great balance of beneficial fatty acids, including the two essential fatty acids linoleic and linolenic acid that aren’t produced in the body. These aid absorption of vital nutrients, and for those of us who can’t eat dairy it can be easy to skimp on such good sources of fat and protein, so soya is an excellent alternative to maintain good health.

As well as being great for your health, Alpro as a company are super conscious of doing good for the planet as well. Sustainable food production for a growing global population needs to rely more on plants rather than energy-expensive livestock farming, and compared to milk production Alpro emits 5 time less CO2, uses 1/3 as much land and needs 2.5 times less water to produce. I’m all about being kind to the fabulous Mother Nature as well as my own body, so this is great news that such a big company is taking such positive steps!

Of course, I found out all of this good news after I’d already tried Alpro yoghurts for the first time, as it was originally their delicious taste that drew me to them. With so many flavours, from cherry or blueberry to peach and pear, it’s impossible to get bored of them. I like them on their own, in oat parfaits or soaked mueslis, or even added to fruit smoothies to make them extra thick. For now, I can’t wait to carry on having fun using them for breakfast bowls even now that the Alpro Tops challenge is over – they’re that good!

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