Almond Mylk


Nut milks are one of the tastiest options for those of us who cannot or choose not to consume dairy. You can use almost any nut, but the most popular by far is the almond – I love it for its subtly sweet taste and creamy consistency. Plus, making nut milk is surprisingly simple – soak your nuts, blend them up, strain and enjoy!

Almonds are not only tasty, but they also pack in a lot of nutrition. These nuts are a great source of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that improves your skin’s health and appearance. Almonds also provide fibre, monounsaturated fatty acids to reduce LDL cholesterol, and also B vitamins to support your metabolism.

To reduce waste even further, find my recipe for Coconut Bliss Balls here that use up that leftover almond pulp and turn it into a tasty treat.



1 cup almonds

4 cups water ( plus 1 for soaking)

3 dates


Makes 1 litre

Preparation time: Soak the almonds overnight, then 10 minutes


  1. Soak your almonds in a cup of water overnight, or for at least 6 hours.
  1. When you’re ready for the milk, drain the nuts and then blend them with four fresh cups of water and the dates until you get it as smooth as possible.
  1. Strain your milk into a bowl through some muslin or cheese-cloth to remove all of the pulp and bits. Chill the milk in the fridge and consume within a couple of days.


(Tip – If you aren’t sure what to do with the leftover pulp, check out my recipe for Coconut Bliss Balls here!)

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